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Founded by investigative journalist, author, and screenwriter Blake Harris and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ProbeX is an investigative media development collective grappling with the mind-bending ramifications of the extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional hypothesis proving true. In other words, if a non-human intelligence with incomprehensibly advanced technologies is actually visiting Earth, constantly interacting with humanity, how do we integrate that reality with everything that matters to us?

Exploring this is our focus. Combining rigorous, open-minded research with outside-the-box thinking, we devise unique “high concept” story ideas. From these, we meticulously craft compelling fiction and non-fiction books, film scripts, and other media products that stand out and resonate with audiences.

The heart of our creative mission is a drive to explore a rapidly changing world that now must seemingly confront an alien intelligence so advanced that their technologies appear as impossible to us as magic. 

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"the most highly classified subject in the U.S. Government"

As soon as secret government investigations determined that some UFOs/UAP were
actual physical vehicles with capabilities far beyond human science and technology,
the leading nations of Earth immediately faced three paramount issues.


The nation that succeeded in reverse engineering the advanced technologies found in these vehicles could dominate the future of the planet. Attempting this became a Cold War priority for both the U.S. and Soviet Union, starting in the late 1940s.


From a strategic intelligence perspective, governments needed to rapidly determine just who these visitors were and what they wanted. What overall threat did these vehicles and their occupants represent? It soon became abundantly clear that there were clandestine and sometimes even malicious aspects to UFO activity on Earth.


From religious, psychological, and sociological perspectives, there were questions about how increasing contact with these visitors might affect our lives and cultures. Heightened concerns about this certainly contributed to the continued "above top secret" classification of the undisclosed government investigations into the phenomena.


A sophisticated, decades-long intelligence disinformation campaign was also mounted to publicly ridicule and discredit the UFO narrative. (One might ask why if there were no real UFO truths to hide.) This campaign discouraged witness disclosures, as well as serious investigations by the mainstream media and the scientific community at large. Meanwhile, the extreme secrecy surrounding actual government investigations facilitated the emergence of an array of UFO grifters. All this is now increasingly well documented.

And this changes everything.

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"Gripping stories well told through books, screenplays, and documentary film treatments."

Strategic Intelligence

For 70 years, covert counterintelligence investigations of "the others agenda" have reportedly occupied the highest levels of American, Russian, and later, Chinese intelligence. If there really was nothing to investigate, why all the continued secrecy, decade after decade?

Remote Viewing

Secret military and intelligence remote viewing operations have apparently included attempts to spy on extraterrestrials and their activities. Do the sparse reports on remote viewing of alien targets shed any light on the question, Why are the visitors here?

Alien Geopolitics

Many political and social blunders with serious ramifications during periods of both war and peace are just all too imprudent or foolhardy. What hard evidence exists for the conjecture of extraterrestrial or ultra-terrestrial interference with human affairs?

UFO Disinformation

A long-running campaign of UFO stonewalling and deception continues to this day. Repeatedly, elected officials, the media, and the large community of amateur UFO investigators have been grievously misled and manipulated. This begs the question: why? And perhaps more importantly, just who should we trust when it comes to UAP/UFOs questions?

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